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Healthy Pet Behavioral Check-up


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We offer healthy pet check-ups for pets of all ages. This visit provides you with:


1. A behavioral health screen to identify early signs of potentially serious behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, distress, and aggression.

2. Steps you can take to prevent common age-related behavior problems.


 Here are some examples:

Life stage


What we can do

Benefits expected

Puppy or kitten assessment

2 – 5 months

Identify early signs of anxiety or aggressive behavior

Early intervention may prevent the development of a serious behavior problem


6 – 12 months

Identify problems that surface as dogs and cats reach social maturity

Appropriate interventions prevent escalation of undesired behaviors

Middle age

5 – 8 year

Identify behaviors that may develop secondary to medical conditions

Improved physical and behavioral health


8+ years

Identify early signs of cognitive decline

Reduce stress and learn strategies that may reduce progression of brain aging