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Reduce Your Pet's Stress About Visiting The Vet


Many pets experience distress when they visit their veterinarian's office. Dr. Lindell is actively involved in educating the community on ways to offer patients a Fear Free veterinary experience. 

Whether your pet is nervous about entering a carrier, riding in the car, entering the veterinary hospital, or being examined, we can help. We will work with you and your veterinarian to assure that your pet is able to relax enough to receive the best stress-free medical care possible for many years to come.


Here of some examples of how we can help: 

1. Teach your cat to voluntarily enter and / or exit a cat carrier

2. Teach your dog to enter the hospital and walk calmly to the examination room

3. Help your pet relax during an examination

4. Teach your pet to volunteer for a blood test

We can also help you and your pet cope with post-operative exercise restriction. Mentally stimulating exercises can reduce distress until full physical activities can be resumed. Cognitive and environmental enrichment techniques are available ease the stress associated with limited physical exercise.

Your first appointment will last about one hour. Follow-up sessions last 15 - 30 minutes and provide you an opportunity to practice skills under the guidance of an experienced behavior technician.