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About Veterinary Behavior Consultations in Asheville, NC

Our Commitment to Care

Dr. Lindell is first and foremost a veterinarian. She will treat your pet with care and respect. All behavior team members are committed to using only humane, science-based methods to help you improve your pet’s behavior. 

Most behavioral treatment plans include behavioral and environmental modification. Even though Dr. Lindell can and does prescribe medication, many pets can improve without drugs. If she feels that medication would be helpful for your pet, she will explain the potential benefits and will also discuss the disadvantages so that you can make an informed choice.


Our Health Care Team Approach

Your primary care veterinarian knows about your pet’s health better than anyone and will become part of your pet’s behavioral health care team. Before your appointment, Dr. Lindell will review your pet’s medical records. After the behavior consultation, she will contact your veterinarian to review the assessment and treatment strategy. 

If you are already working with a dog trainer who would like to stay on board, then welcome! Veterinary behaviorists and dog trainers complement each other. Dr. Lindell recognizes the invaluable contribution that a trainer can make toward a positive outcome when working with problem behaviors. 

When we work together, your pet receives the best care.




What is required to become a board-certified veterinary behaviorist?

  1. Graduate from veterinary school—during this 4-year program veterinarians learn about the physical and behavioral diseases of all species and gain an understanding of the behavioral signs of medical conditions
  2. Complete a one-year internship or the equivalent
  3. Complete a 2 – 5 year residency in veterinary behavior—this includes training in animal welfare, psychopharmacology, learning theory, and ethology
  4. Publish a research-based paper in a peer-reviewed journal
  5. Pass a comprehensive 2-day written examination
  6. Remain committed to continuing education




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