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Behavior Services


Veterinary Behavior Consultations offers clinical consultations and more…


Telehealth for Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian seeking guidance about how to manage a behavior case, Dr. Lindell can help. Whether you enjoy behavior and have already done most of the work up but have a few questions, or you have a particularly complicated case that you are not ready to manage on your own, or your client lives too far from a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and you would like to help them as much as possible, a telehealth appointment with Dr. Lindell can be the solution.


Dr. Lindell enjoys speaking at educational events. If your group would like to learn about behavior, she can design a topic suitable for your audience. Dr. Lindell is available for teaching small or large  groups of veterinarians, dog trainers or any other group of people that would like to understand animal behavior.

Non-Clinical Services

Dr. Lindell is available to consult with individuals as well as organizations. Some examples include:

  • Creating behavior programs for corporations or educating team members
  • Educating veterinary teams that would like to introduce behavior services
  • Fear Free training for professional and paraprofessional teams
  • Expert testimony   

Digital Thermal Imaging

Digital Thermal ImagingDTI is available at our Asheville location inside WagHab. This imaging uses a thermal camera and is done without touching or restraining your pet—it is no different than having a photograph taken, without the flash! DTI measures temperature gradients—areas glow red when there is inflammation  or changes in circulation. This test may be useful both to localize pain and as an screening tool when a behavioral assessment suggests that there may be a component of pain.