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For Trainers


First, thank you for all you do to help people enjoy their pets. Dog training is an art. Teaching fun behaviors, creating important social skills, and working with problematic behaviors all require creativity and patience.

We are here to support you at any level. You may be looking for ways to adjust a behavior modification strategy to help a dog that is not progressing as you expected. Or, you may have a dog that you believe would benefit from adding medication to facilitate learning. We can help.

To get started, have your client contact us to schedule an appointment for a behavioral consultation. We’ll provide you with a form to help you summarize the reason for the referral.

After our consultation with your client, we will let you know our recommendations for adjustments to behavior modification and / or medication.

You may prefer that provide all of the treatment for a while, including the behavior modification, and we are prepared to do that.

On the other paw, we appreciate your training expertise and your trust in us, and we welcome you to continue on the behavioral health care team. We would ask that you attend the first treatment plan session, via telehealth, so that we are all providing consistent guidance for our clients and their pets.

Together we can do this!