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Good Start Behavior Consultations for Puppies and Kittens



Consultations are available to evaluate and treat early onset behavioral concerns including fear, aggression and housesoiling.  Early appropriate intervention can improve the outcome. To better help you give your puppy or kitten a Good Start, we offer a substantial discount for puppies and kittens less than 5 months of age. Good Start consultations include a behavioral assessment and treatment plan.


Good Start Puppy Consultation: 

A behavior consultation is not meant to replace a good training program. In fact, during your consultation, you will probably receive some recommendations regarding the type of training that would be most appropriate for your puppy.

It is important to understand that obedience training alone is not likely to eliminate aggression and fear. For puppies that are already fearful or aggressive, certain training techniques can actually exacerbate the problem. Most puppies that do not keep up with classmates are most likely not deliberately misbehaving. They may actually be experiencing anxiety, attention deficit, or a sensory or cognitive disability. Early recognition can set your puppy on the path to success.  


Good Start Kitten Consultation: 

Early evaluation and treatment of biting and scratching can set kittens on the right track and avoid serious injury to people and pets in the home. Housesoiling in kittens may be normal or may reflect physical or behavioral illness. Early diagnosis and treatment can encourage the appropriate use of the litter box. 


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