Veterinary Behavior Consultations, PC

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What happens during the visit?

During the consultation, Dr. Lindell will discuss the concerns that you have described in your behavioral history form. As your pet becomes more comfortable, Dr. Lindell will take time to observe social interactions and will indicate significant behaviors. She may also perform certain behavioral tests during the visit. She will never attempt to create a situation that is dangerous or frightening.

Behavioral observations, combined with consideration of any underlying medical conditions, will be used to determine the reason for the behavioral concern: the diagnosis. Dr. Lindell will offer you a prognosis as well. She will explain which aspects of the behavior are likely to improve, and which ones might be more challenging to manage. You will receive a written customized treatment plan that will include recommendations for both behavioral and environmental modification. For certain conditions, medication may be recommended. With your consent, Dr. Lindell can prescribe medication for your pet.  

Behavior modification techniques will be demonstrated when applicable. A behavior consultation is not a training class. There may be some training of skills involved, but most importantly, you will learn how to effectively change your pet's behavior as well as how to recognize signs of distress.

Note: If there are multiple serious concerns, Dr. Lindell will help you prioritize or triage, and may advise a follow up visit. Serious behavior problems require concentrated treatment.