Veterinary Behavior Consultations, PC

14 RIdgedale Rd.
Bethel, CT 06801


How to refer: Clients may contact our main office directly to select an appointment time and location that is most convenient for them.  

Initial assessments are usually done at one of several veterinary specialty centers. Although home visits can be accommodated, consultations in the home are not generally encouraged, particularly for an initial assessment. 

Once your client has scheduled a behavior consultation, please provide a copy of the patient's medical record for Dr. Lindell to review. Electronic copies may be forwarded directly to Dr. Lindell at or faxed to  203-826-5570.

Once your patient has been evaluated, you will receive a written report including a summary of the treatment plan. If you are available, Dr. Lindell will also call you to discuss her assessment. Your input is critical. We recognize that you are the one most familiar with the needs of your clients and patients, so please share your thoughts at any time. Teamwork is the key to satisfying clients and keeping pets healthy physically and behaviorally. 

Dr. Lindell can assume full management of the behavioral aspects of the case until the patient is stable. At that point, she will be prepared to provide continued maintenance therapy. If you prefer, you may elect to manage your patient. Of course, she will remain available to answer your questions and guide you through your decision making to the best of her ability.